Our Mission

The Centre works with young people who cannot access mainstream education due to learning support, educational, emotional, social or behavioural issues.

1. We aim to provide young people with a high quality of education and to support them in recognising their short term and long term goals.
2. We aim to provide young people with life skills and educational opportunities, which will assist them to move on to an independent lifestyle.
3. We aim to encourage young people to take a positive role in society.
4. We aim to challenge and address the barriers faced by young people leaving mainstream education.

Our Vision
Our vision of the future is one where all children prosper, have access to an education system, have future personal success and can claim a genuine stake in society.

Our Values
The ethos of the Carline Learning Centre is based on these vaules

Person Centred
Our Aims & Objectives
Carline Learning Centre takes a holistic approach of working directly with both the young people and their families to create hope and stability for the young people by creating a safe and meaningful, learning environment.

Carline Aims
To provide education and skills
To develop basic social skills.
To promote respect for self and others (including property).
To address addictions through provision of access to relevant services.
To provide individual and family support
To increase self-esteem and self-confidence.
To develop appropriate peer and adult relationships.
To develop a good work ethic.
To assist in resolving personal family issues and pressures e.g. relationships.

Viability and Sustainability
Carline began as a small Project by renting one third of an acre of land with one small galvanised shed and an outhouse type toilet. After three and a half years the Project acquired six acres of land and the Learning Centre was developed. This houses 5,000 sq.ft. of workshops, teaching rooms, psychology office, Art room, kitchen and a dining room. Carline is located in Balgaddy, Lucan.